Why, oh why, oh why

Hey you, got questions? I got answers. Well sort of. At least one is a mildly facetious comment for which I’ll apologise in advance. It turns out that a lot of people who end up at this blog do so after typing in a question to the great Google in the sky. So I thought it’s only right that I have a go at answering some of them.

Q – why did michael morpurgo write running wild? why didkate saunders write beswitched ? why did eva ibbotson start writing books ?

Whilst this is three questions I’ve bundled together, I’d guess the sentiment remains the same throughout. Why do people write stories? I can only answer from my own point of view here. Writing for me expresses ideas I can’t quite vocalise. I write because I have to express these sentiments somewhere, somehow (SOMMMMEDAAAAAAAAY) and writing allows me to tell the story the way I want to tell it.

Q – why did the movie “the boy in the striped pyjamas” end the way it did

The movie (review here) was based on the stunning book by John Boyne which I reviewed here.  Film is a visual medium and, bearing in mind your time-limited exposure (ie: you go to the cinema and then you leave), it needs to pack in as much weight as it can to the imagery. Every frame of a film needs to have validity. I would suspect that’s a massive reason behind the film ending as it did.

Q – why have war in children’s lit

Read this. Thanks! 🙂

Q – why ydid you love this hchildrens book

Cos I did. More importantly, why did you? What makes you react positively to a book and what makes you love it?

Q – how does war horse begin?

My” (I’m so sorry)

Q – does i am number 4 have literary merit?

Meh, not massively so, but it’s a fun enough read. I quite enjoyed it and reviewed it here I’ll also be grabbing the sequel some time in the near future.

Q – is there a us equivalent to angela brazil?

I genuinely do not know this. I’ll research it and get back to you!

PS – If it was you who arrived at this blog after searching for “ruth + pennington + toadhill flax” I kind of adore you.

PPS – Same goes for you, Mr/s “gay lambert, jacynth hardy”


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