I’ve become curiously obsessed with the confession trend that populates Tumblr. A brief definition of these is that they allow a place for fans of a genre (be that the Gilmore Girls, the X Men or Harry Potter) to express anonymous opinions.

I think there’s an intriguing potential for some research here (maybe along the lines of the community reading experience, fandoms or some sort of sociological discussion type thing) and that’s something I hope to do some more work on because I love that sort of stuff. The treasure hunt of research and being a big old nerd has a lot of appeal for me. But for now I thought it might be intriguing to share some of the confessions that have proven particularly moving and intriguing for me – and the last one is the one that started this whole thing.

All credit is naturally due to the relevant blogs (and whoever came up with that middle confession is genuinely my new hero).


2 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. I see intriguing research potential here as well, perhaps not just in relation to the anonymous confessions of fandom on the internet but the relationship between the inside of a book and the outside. There’s a whole tradition of “confessing to the reader” that could be linked into this as well. I’d have to think through it more to make proper connections but I do think they’re there. 🙂

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