Thinking outside the page

I lurk on Tumblr. It’s a space for me to let a different side of me breathe. I call it Research and Staying In Touch With Things but to be honest a lot of it is mainly based around giggling at things like this. I have a range of tags I track (my latest is *cough* Galinda with a Ga). I worship at the altar of those much more skilled in the world of GIFs than me. There’s a whole sub-culture of expression on Tumblr that fascinates me and makes my day. Tumblr is like an eye into a thousand worlds. I always discover so much on there.

And two of the tags I love so very much are book arts  and bookarts

Books, by their very nature, tend to be somewhat page-bound. Sometimes they get lost in the form of what they are rather than what they contain. This is why I will never have issues with e-books, or apps, or new media storytelling. I am concerned with the word and not the object. I love collecting books. God, I love collecting books but I wouldn’t give up my kindle for anything now.

But that’s not to say I don’t love the concept of the book. I adore books. I adore the sensory explosion an old book can give you. The life it’s led! The places it’s seen! These objects hold stories in them. And the book arts tag is one that pushes that concept to the extreme and it is stunning what people do with the simple concept of “a book”

The works I get to see in Tumblr are label-defying, limitation-ignoring, stunning pieces of arts. To be honest, paper never looked so damn sexy before.

I would recommend starting with F*ck Yeah, Book Arts! It’s a beautiful, beautiful blog which is rammed full of inspiration. I am in debt to it for precipitating this post.

Image credit : Wicked Game
Image Credit: Guy Laramée
Image credit:

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