Loose Connections : Rosemary Hayes

Loose ConnectionsLoose Connections by Rosemary Hayes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am reading a lot of good books at the moment and I’m pleased to say this is one of them. Poignant, sad and mysterious; Loose Connections deals with a world of real-life issues in a caring and gentle manner.

Jake is at home whilst both of his parents are away (his mother’s having a difficult pregnancy in hospital and his father’s abroad for work). Technically Jake is being looked after by his Gran but it’s turning out to be more like Jake looking after her. She’s starting to forget things, numbers, names, food in the oven, and it’s starting to get worse. Where things start to get a bit odd, is when Jake meets a strange girl called Verity…

It’s an emotional but quick read that perhaps doesn’t sink into as much depth as it could do but in a book of this size, there’s not that much time to do so. There’s also an incident that made me think of Tom’s Midnight Garden and I’d have loved it to have been explored further. The dynamic between Verity and Jake is very well done but I felt that it wasn’t quite pushed as much as it could have been.

This book covers a lot of issues ranging from dementia, strokes, miscarriages, disability and young carers. There is a lot going on. It would be a useful introductory point to these issues and one that would incite discussion but I would very much recommend it being read by the parent / caregiver beforehand. Also, due to the nature and style of the writing, it is probably much more appropriate for the younger YA reader.

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