Another Life : Keren David

I was lucky enough to pick up a proof of this at a conference I attended a few months ago and am so very pleased to report that Keren David remains ace. She’s got a peculiar brilliance at writing “lads”; lads bordering on the edge of adulthood, shifting from ferocious raw masculinity through to nervous, emotional children. It’s a rare skill and one that is most definitely David’s forte.

Another Life is the final of the trilogy of Ty Lewis books and is due out in September 2012. I reviewed it’s predecessor Almost True here. I have a lot of love for this series. It’s always a good sign when a book slides into you, hours pass, and you’re still hiding under the quilt because you’re trying to figure out how this ends.

Quite boldly Another Life has a dual focus on Archie, Ty’s cousin, and Ty himself. It took me a while to grasp a handle on this shift in narration but it becomes easier as the voices become more divergent and unique very swiftly. David does “lads” well, as I mentioned in earlier, and the story is fleshed out with a lot of perhaps incidental detail but detail that, you slowly realise, solidifies this world to the extent it almost feels like reportage.

If you’ve read the other two books, I think you’ve got to read this. There’s a tension to the story of Ty, a genuine edginess throughout all the three books, that needs resolution both for him and the nerve-shredded reader. If you’ve not read the other two books, I would reccommend that you do. There’s a lot of story here that deserves being read and you’ll be missing out on some brilliant books if you dive straight into the nervy, spikey finale Another Life provides.

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