Sunday catch up

Hello! How’s things? Still sizzlingly hot where you are? Me too *fans self*. Anyway, grab an ice-cream and get up to date on the things that caught my eye this week.

1. This blog post from Lucy Coats is the big thing that caught my eye this week. Instead of sweets on the supermarket checkouts, she says, how about children’s books? I KNOW RIGHT? I mean, there’s a lot of issues that would need to be dealt with but a lot of me that sort  of goes OH MY GOD WHY THE HECK NOT? It’s definitely one to have a think about.

2. Over on Playing By The Book, there’s an outstanding (and I genuinely mean that) post about paintings / artworks which feature in children’s literature. The list covers a host of different countries and where possible has highlighted the actual paintings in the book – so for Dogs’ Night by Meredith Hooper (which I review here) it has links to the paintings which have been  featured and also the National Gallery itself. It’s a very epic resource and one that should prove hugely useful.

3. Not necessarily children’s literature related, but still something worth highlighting is Powtoon which I discovered this week. It is an online based video editing software and it is really, really good. I like the useability of it and also the quirky nature of the animations at your disposal. There’s definitely a lot of opportunity with it to use it in an educational setting. Here’s one I created all about how amazing  reading a book is.

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