Happy #kiofdoananowrimobunore!

It is Day Two of #nanowrimo. Day two! If you are doing this, then you have my wholehearted admiration.

I am doing #nanowrimo. Or, to be frank, I am doing #kiofdoananowrimo! (Which stands for ‘kind of doing a nanowrimo but not really). It is catchy, no? I don’t know why they don’t patent it. 

Essentially, I am writing and reshaping and working on a THING instead of doing my nanowrimo. It is an EXCITING thing. I am writing with you in SPIRIT, but not in person, because, you know, that would involve sitting outside your house and things getting a bit weird between us. 

But anyway, that and this is all I can tell you for now. How’s that for an annoyingly cryptic post? Here is a picture of the patron saint of cryptic in children’s literature to make up for it. Hurrah for Nancy Drew! 

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by Carla216: http://flickr.com/photos/hauntedpalace/226176978/

ps – Next weeks reviews include the rest of the Dark Is Rising sequence and The Tiger Who Came To Tea! I love you Judith Kerr!


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