A brief bit of housekeeping

Consider this the blogging equivalent of the part of the conference where people tell you where the fire exits are located and what the plans are for lunch…

  • The index of authors is now up to date. Want to see if I’ve reviewed a particular author? Check here first 
  • The about me section has been updated. This also now includes a handy e-mail me link. Talk to me if you think I can help you out with anything (unpaid, paid, exchange of respective mutual admiration..).
  • The FAQ / About section is also a bit clearer.
  • I’m looking to increase my publication credits elsewhere. That means, if you’d like to rent-a-critic / librarian / general all round body on children’s literary manners, please do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

And now , about that lunch …. 🙂

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