The Jinny series by Patricia Leitch

I’ve been rereading this series recently (I review the opener here); partially as a refresher for a paper I’m delivering in the next few months, but also, you know, because they are good. I’ve been reading the originals and the reprints and I really love what Catnip hae done with them. And if I amContinue reading “The Jinny series by Patricia Leitch”

Night of the Red Horse by Patricia Leitch

Night of the Red Horse by Patricia Leitch My rating: 5 of 5 stars There’s a point in the Jinny books where they step up into a whole new gear, and I rather suspect that it’s here. The Night Of The Red Horse picks up the themes that have been within the series and flipsContinue reading “Night of the Red Horse by Patricia Leitch”

Green Grass of Wyoming : Mary O’Hara

Green Grass of Wyoming by Mary O’Hara My rating: 5 of 5 stars There is something all encompassing about that moment when somebody discovers that they can love; that they can truly, madly and wholly love somebody or something. It becomes the everything that they are, the everything that they do. It is the air,Continue reading “Green Grass of Wyoming : Mary O’Hara”

Series fiction, Glee, and the Babysitters Club : a few thoughts

According to Wikipedia, by the time the Babysitters Club series finished publishing in 2000, there had been 213 novels published. Another series, publishing around the same sort of timeframe (ish) was the Thoroughbred series which hit 72 books by the time it finished in 2005. And Glee finished recently, after 728 musical performances and 121Continue reading “Series fiction, Glee, and the Babysitters Club : a few thoughts”

For Love Of A Horse : Patricia Leitch

For Love of a Horse by Patricia Leitch My rating: 5 of 5 stars I’ve been in the mood for some classics recently. And not your Oliver Twist type of classics. These are my classics, my stories that built me, that made me who I am today and they are, I hope, stories that mayContinue reading “For Love Of A Horse : Patricia Leitch”

An esoteric and distinctly biased list of 50 children’s books you probably really should read (part four)

The Princess Diaries – Meg Cabot I love these. They’re the ugly duckling tale of Mia Thermopolis who, during that first year of awkward High School-ness, discovers she’s actually the heir to the throne of Genovia. Essentially, Mia’s a princess. She’s a funny, gorgeously engaging narrator who you can’t help but root for. Plus MichealContinue reading “An esoteric and distinctly biased list of 50 children’s books you probably really should read (part four)”

Top Ten … Horses

In no particular order, pop-pickers, here’s my top ten horses of Children’s Literature. It trots through over fifty years of literature and doesn’t skip a stride. So – get a nice, steady tension in the reins, squeeze with your legs, and “Walk on!” 1. Topthorn (War Horse – Michael Morpurgo) I love Topthorn for reasonsContinue reading “Top Ten … Horses”

Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby (aaahaaahaahaahahhh)

I have rediscovered my love for Ruby Ferguson after I picked up a copy of this at a local library ‘chuck out all the books we forgot we had’ sale. And oh it’s ace. Jill’s Riding Club. Written in a time when all you needed was a pony (or two) and a will to ride becauseContinue reading “Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby (aaahaaahaahaahahhh)”