Freelance Work

I’d be happy to work with you if you’re looking for a writer, tutor, or researcher on a temporary, part-time or longer basis. Here’s an outline of some of the things I’ve done, and I’d love to talk further if they sound of interest. My rates vary as to circumstance and the initial consultation is always free 😊.


I’ve written for CILIP Update, VOYA, The Garden, Writing Magazine, Book Riot and more. My specialist areas of knowledge and interest include children’s literature, the creative writing of young girls, public libraries, the girl’s boarding school story, and the treatment of space and place in children’s literature. I’m open to commissions in any of these areas and would love to speak with you.


I am a tutor with the Institute Of Continuing Education at the University of Cambridge, where I teach Blogging And Writing for Online Audiences. This course covers everything from idea generation through to ethics and safeguarding, and is delivered entirely online. I am also an occasional tutor with the University of York Lifelong Learning department where I teach on a variety of topics ranging from picture books through to classics children’s literature. I can help you out with one-off teaching or longer-term commitments, online or off. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs!


Drawing on my skills as a chartered librarian, PhD candidate, and writer, I carry out research at the British Library (Boston Spa) for people unable to access the archives in person. I charge on an hourly basis and provide a detailed narrative of findings alongside catalogued findings. So far, I’ve researched everything from wrestling belts through to theological history – will your topic be next?