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Did you know that I’m not just a blogger? I’m also a tutor, a chartered librarian and a candlestick maker. One of those is not true. (It’s the last one, just to clarify). But look, here’s a list of the stuff I could do for you. If any of them sound like a plan, then please get in touch using the contact form below! 🙂

  • Research. I’m based near the British Library in Boston Spa, and am able to attend there on your behalf. Need something looking up? Some family history figuring out? A reference checking? I charge an hourly rate, and I’ll keep you informed every step of the way.
  • Teaching. I have experience in teaching creative writing, academic writing, and research skills. I’ve taught classes in person, online, and with a wide variety of learners. As somebody who’s experienced distance learning, in-person study, and gone back to academia after a professional break, I’m also able to support students at any step of their learning journey.
  • Writing.  I write here, but also on bookriot.com and in a variety of other places. My specialism is, obviously, children’s literature, but I’m great on a whole host of other other things whether that’s talking about blogging as empowerment, or women’s writing. And I’m always ready to write you a ‘Why Amy Should Have Remained Independent And Not Married Laurie At All’  epic, you really just have to ask.

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