Our Moomin Cake

As has become now traditional, my (lovely and amazing) friends and I have an edible book cake party as our way of entering the Edible Book Competition held over at Playing By The Book. This involves me sending everyone a group email with a badly drawn bitmap image and going “IT’S CAKE CLUB TIME” and “WHAT’S THE FIRST RULE OF CAKE CLUB? DON’T TALK ABOUT CAKE CLUB”  This very over-excited email trail ultimately results in me going “BUT DON’T YOU SEE – IT’S XXXX DOING XXXX” ?? And everyone going “Oh. Yeah. Of course. Yeah. Erm. Beautiful day.”

Moomina plan

Badly drawn bitmap image

The plan for this year was Moomins. Everybody loves Moomins. Moomin. I can’t stop writing it. MOOMIN. And our group cake this time was to be Moomins on the beach. I know you understood that from the bitmap, I know you did. Basically I pretty much spent the night in Asda and had to stop myself from opening up all of the biscuit packs to find the one that had the nearest colour reminiscent of sand. There was also a point where I spent practically the whole afternoon at work discussing the best ways to make edible sand. Swimming Moomins we had down, but the sand proved a tad more complicated.

And here’s the final product! We have Moomin Papa sunbathing on the beach (Asda Rich Tea fyi), with a sea of blue frosting and meringue rocks. There’s a near tragic incident occuring in the sea where one of our younger team  members wanted to have a Moomin being attacked by a shark, and Snorkmaiden kind of washing her whole hands (paws?) of the whole affair and swimming off. At the back of the beach is Little My glowering at everybody and paddling in the edge of the surf is the other one who I always forget the name of. Anyway. It involved much merriment, much, ahem, liquid refreshment, and a slightly intense moment when the adults all got a bit obsessed over the sea. I say adults, I mean me (“Don’t touch it! DON’T TOUCH IT”).

I love this competition so much. It’s ace. You should all do it. Because it’s books and cake and discovering that some of your friends have hidden talents in making rocks out of meringues and sculpting angry girls out of marzipan.

The final product!

The final product!

A better angle for all the detail

A better angle for all the detail

A Miffy Birthday Cake

Oh my God I love the Miffy series by Dick Bruna. I really, really do. In fact I’d go so far as to say Dear Grandma Bunny is possibly one of the best books regarding death ever.

There’s something about Miffy that just makes me smile every time I see her. And this cake is utterly perfect. It’s simple – clean – and sort of perfectly Miffyish!

Thank you Nicola of Snowballs in Summer for letting me feature this very beautiful cake! She’s done an excellent post on the creation process here and I recommend you have a look at her blog – she’s got the *most* gorgeous Very Hungry Caterpillar cake on there as well!

Image: Nicola (Snowballs in Summer)

A Clarice Bean Birthday Cake

Hello! Today’s birthday cake is gorgeous and a feat of fondant icing. I’m including two pictures because I think you don’t really get the full effect just from one.

It is (as if you need me to spell it out for you!) a Clarice Bean cake based on the ACE series by Lauren Child. What I really love about this cake is the innocent expression on the Clarice figure and the HAIR!! I love the detail that’s gone into that one little strand across the eye – it’s exactly how the book has it. Lovely work!

Image: mags_eb (Flickr)

Image: mags_eb (Flickr)

A Gruffalo Birthday Cake

Silly old snake, doesn’t he know?

there’s no such thing as a Gruffalo!

 Today’s Birthday cake is a ridiculously amazing Gruffalo cake by Creative Cakes by Cat. I found this and genuinely had to stop and just drool for a good few minutes. Look at the grass! And the fox! And the tiny tiny Gruffalo toes! And the gorgeous colouring! And the toadstools!  Brilliant 😀 Thank you for letting me feature your cake Cat!

Image: Creative Cakes by Cat

A Jacqueline Wilson Birthday Cake

Let the birthday celebrations begin! Over the next week or two I will be posting some of my very favourite children’s literature themed birthday cakes!

This is my first, and as you can tell it’s a Jacqueline Wilson themed cake! I love how they’ve caught the exact nature of Nick Sharratt’s illustrations and the bright colours that totally characterise his work with Jacqueline Wilson.  This is utterly gorgeous and made me very jealous of Millie 😉  It’s by Lisa @ Chubbybubcakes and I am in love with it. Thank you for letting me feature it Lisa!

Image: Lisa @ Chubbybub Cakes

Edible Book Festival 2012

Baking! Has! Never! Got! Tougher! Than! This!

The lovely Zoe at Playing By The Book recently held the Edible Book Festival 2012 – and my equally lovely friends and I took part!

So, what can I tell you about cake book baking? Start with a plan – and be flexible. If it can go wrong, it will. And it should be about fun so make sure you have lots of smarties, glittery sugar, and food colouring. Everything looks better once you’re a little bit giddy on Smarties. (And, for the adults, make sure you have a sneaky glass of wine during the process 😉 ). Painting icing with food colouring is brilliant – and madly satisfying – and very good for the little hands to do. Stacking cakes on top of each other is terrifying, but brilliant. Icing in a tub is, yes, you guessed it, brilliant.

My friends are ace. Our cake is ace. I hope you enjoy seeing the final product. And thank you Zoe for such an amazing idea in the first place! My congratulations to everybody who took part (seriously, that Miss Piggy was brilliant – and Bag End!) and my congratulations also go to the winners!

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