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#kidbkgrp Christmas in Children’s Literature

Last night, #kidbkgrp met to discuss Christmas in children’s literature and came up with what is officially a mahoosive and rather amazing list of Christmas book recommendations. You can catch up on the chat here  and here’s a link to previous chats.

This is usually the bit where I tell you about the next chat, but that’s it for 2014! My thanks to everyone who’s chatted this year, you’re all awesome 🙂 Same again in 2015? 😉




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#kidbkgrp recap : Picture Books

Last night #kidbkgrp (and lots of lovely new Tweeters – welcome!) met to chat about picture books. Picture books are one of my great literary loves and so basically I spent the chat going “YES!” at every title suggested. There are a *lot* of lovely books recommended in this chat so it’s definitely worth having a look at it. (And perhaps one day I’ll be able to spell recommendations…).

You can find the storify of the chat here and here’s a link to the previous chats.

The next chat is on December 4th and we talk about Christmas!. See you there 🙂

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#kidbkgrp 2014 schedule

So here we are. The first Thursday of every month, 9-10pm – let’s talk about children’s literature on Twitter with the hashtag #kidbkgrp. Do come along – I’d love to see you there 🙂

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#kidbkgrp is back!

So due to the whole necessity of having to a) find a new place to live, b) starting a new job, c) moving halfway across the country and d) writing a book, I had to put a few things on the back burner for a while. One of these was my beloved #kidbkgrp.

But no longer… *insert drum roll*

#kidbkgrp is BACK. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s a monthly Twitter chat under the hashtag #kidbkgrp covering a wide range of topics in children’s literature. It’s between 9-10pm (to allow the kids to be fed and bedded 🙂 ) and lasts for the hour (though you’re obviously welcome to chat afterwards!). It’s full of amazing smart and friendly people and I guarantee you will get some brilliant book recommendations and some thought provoking conversation.

I’m putting together a schedule for the rest of the year (to start sometime in June), and here’s the part where I’d like your input. What would you like to chat about? What do you want to crowdsource some thoughts on? Are you baffled by books for boys? Want to talk about gender in children’s literature or how about representations of sexuality? How about heroines, or historical literature, or the best horse books for your pony mad children? Do you want to learn more about theory or do you want to chat about studying children’s literature? Do you want to find some hidden gems, want to talk about what makes picture books so great, or are you trying to figure out what makes a bestseller so best?

Let me know your thoughts either here or on Twitter and I promise you I’ll add them in to the plans. And keep an eye here because in the next week or so I will produce a super lovely schedule full of dates and times and stuff. Exciting!

(and my thanks to @yayeahyeah for keeping #kidbkgrp warm during my absence! If you’re not following him on Twitter or checking out his lovely blogs, you should!)

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#kidbkgrp School Stories in Children’s Literature

Last night #kidbkgrp discussed school stories in children’s literature. Now, I admit that this one might have been a little self-indulgent as a topic (Team Chalet, yo), I was fascinated to see the range of reccomendations that came up. I think there’s something really interesting in how so many people plumped for say Chalet School in Exile and Prisoner of Azkaban as their desert island book – both books were spectacular highs in their respective series, and in the case of Exile, quite remarkable that it even got published.

I love school stories. I love what they are and what they can do. And I loved hearing all the chat last night. Thanks for coming along.

Here’s the storify of last night and here’s a link to the previous chats.

And that’s it for 2013! This is the part where I usually tell you about the next one that’s coming up, but I don’t know yet …. so I need your help!  Let me know what you want to chat about and how you want to chat about it (like, say, gender in children’s books or an open reccomendation surgery….). And finally, thank you for chatting! If you haven’t felt able to join in, but want to, let me know what would help you to join in? I would love to have you along for next time..! 🙂

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Comics #kidbkgrp

So last night #kidbkgrp met online and we talked about comics. Comics! Shazam, kathwop, kablammo comics! I love comics, but I know I don’t know as much about them as I could. I know as well that a lot of people find them intimidating (I mean, where do you begin?) or baffling (So – that X-Man is dead in this one, alive in this one, and a zombie in this one?) and sometimes just don’t know where to go with them. And I think that was a big part of my rationale for holding this chat – a sort of ‘de-mystification’ of the genre and the chance to pick the brains of some genuinely talented people for their hints and tips and personal favourites.

I need to thank @illusclaire and @sarangacomics for helping me out massively with this chat. @illusclaire is the assistant editor of Women Write About Comics (website), and @sarangacomics has a hugely good blog here full of reccomendations for new readers. Both of them are very, very good at their thing.

I also need to spotlight @neillcameron as well who gave a lot of brilliant sounding reccomendations for comics for six year olds (and, in a moment of very handy public spirit, storified them here). Thanks Neill!

Here’s the storify of last night and here’s a link to the previous chats. See you next time! December 12th – we talk school stories!

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#kidbkgrp update – Oct/Nov/Dec dates and topics!

So, as promised, plans! Schedule type plans! Here’s the #kidbkgrp schedule for the rest of the year. Topic wise I’m really interested about all of them, but I’m very happy to be able to bring you some resident experts for the comics one. And for that one, I really want people who don’t think about or don’t like comics to join in – what puts you off? Is it the image or the titles or – something else? Tell me and our resident experts!

For those of you who haven’t joined a #kidbkgrp (nb: singular kid, singular book) chat, they are gatherings on Twitter where we talk about children’s and YA books. The topic headings are a guide and all you have to do to join in is use the hashtag. Which is nice, right? But as ever if you need a helping hand through it, let me know!

I’d appreciate you sharing this far and wide 😉 Thanks! See you on the 10th 😀

Date Time Topic
Thurs 10th Oct 9pm Darkness Should children’s literature feature dark/graphic content? Is this something to be scared of or celebrated? And what’s our role as gatekeepers – how do we mediate / control this content – and should we even try?
Thurs 14th Nov 9pm Comics clinic Share your comics woes and joys; with resident comics experts to give you title recs / advice.
Thurs 12th Dec 9pm School stories What’s your favourite school story? How has the school story changed? Does the school story still bear relevance to modern children’s literature?
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Favourites in children’s literature #kidbkgrp

12th September saw a super speedy #kidbkgrp chat happen. It was precipitated by my finishing A Countess Below Stairs by Eva Ibbotson and remembering just how much I loved her. You know that feeling, right? The one where you come back to your favourite author – or book – and feel like you’ve finally come home? That buttery toasted crumpets on an open fire dog on your feet cat on your lap sort of feeling? That’s the one. That’s the exact one.

So we talked about what our favourite books were and why we liked them and as ever a massive amount of titles were suggested (which is something I love and send virtual high fives to all of those who gave them).  Here’s the storify and here’s a link to the previous chats.

See you at the next chat! 😀