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Mockingjay and the bruised, bruising love


I cried.

It took me a while to find myself back in Panem; to understand the threads of plot and the shapes of life there once more, but once I did, I cried. Oh how I cried.

But even as I lost myself in this, I thought about love and how at the heart of this film, this series, there is a core of harsh, bruised love.

I thought about the honesty of this complex, hard, exhausted relationship (this fought for thing) between Katniss and Peeta, and I thought about the truth of their love.

Love and truth and pain and hurt and wholeness, wholeness, the finding and the losing and the finding once more.

This isn’t a review of the film, but rather a review of Katniss. If such a thing is not impossible, improbably. To review a character? Yes. Perhaps. Rather, this should be a review of what she means. What she is.

Katniss is is truth.

She is angry, sad, pained, brave, foolish, stupid, naive, brilliant, inspiring, wonderful. She’s a thousand other adjectives all at once.

(And with Jennifer Lawrence playing her, she is eyes and stillness and the fragility of self).

I love stories. I love that these stories exist. I love that they exist with such complex, such wonderful, such challenging, characters as these. I love that she isn’t happy, that she doesn’t compromise, how she isn’t – fake.

How’s she’s truth, she’s truth, all along.


Here’s to those characters who let the truth be who they are.

(And here’s to the writers, the readers, and the people who let them fly. Here’s to us. We’re doing okay at this.)


Fantasy Film Casting : The Boys!

Following on from my lady-centric film casting post of yesterday, this time it’s the turn of male heroes from Girlsown fiction to be cast. I had a little bit of  a Damascene moment when considering Pennington. He needed to be represented by different actors for different periods of his life, so please forgive me for the slightly nerdy detail I go into regarding him 😉 Anyway, here they are in all their glory!

David Wenham as Jem Russell (Chalet School – Elinor M. Brent Dyer). Look at that picture. Now look at it some more. Now look at that as if you were a woman in a burning train carriage, needing to be rescued by a handy doctor type. That is all.

*collapses ever so slightly*

Tom Hiddleston as Sebastian Scott (Sadler’s Wells – Lorna Hill).  I almost went with Benedict Cumberbatch for this one, but decided that Tom just edged him out. Primarily because I like the longness of Tom, his ranginess, and yet his utter stillness when he needs to be still. Sebastian is a man of dark arrogance at times but also of utter brilliance. And I really rather love the thought of pairing him against Anne Hathaway who I cast as Veronica.

Arthur Darvill as Jack Maynard (Chalet School – Elinor M. Brent Dyer). Now, just to clarify, it’s not Arthur when he has his hair like this. I’d like him to sport the new Rory hair (can you tell what I watched last night?) and a lot of tweed. And um, I’m getting distracted again, so let’s move on!

 Sean Bean as adult Patrick Pennington (Pennington series – KM Peyton). This is Pennington in his later years (approximately around the time of Marion’s Angels if you want to be picky 😉  as opposed to the main books). That shy, bluff nature masking a man with great precise ability and genius. Sean’s an actor with that sort of silent power about him and a guy who acts very naturally. Perfect for the battle-worn brilliance of adult Pennington.

Jeremy Irvine as young Patrick Pennington (Pennington series – KM Peyton). Young Pennington plays piano, bewitches Ruth, beats people up and rails against the class system. He’s basically a proto-Byronic hero and is generally full of all-round epicness. Look at the photo. Yeah. Jeremy could do that *rather* nicely.

So there they are! Alternative casting lists very welcome becauseI’d love to hear your thoughts regarding those people I missed. I couldn’t quite think of somebody to play Reg Entwhistle primarily because of The Proposal…. (frankly I don’t think *any* actor could do that justice!).