A quick note to say…

  1. I have been celebrating Frances Hodgson Burnett’s birthday weekend by offering TELL ME OF A GIRL (my retelling of The Secret Garden) for free. If this is your bag, you can download it here. For free! Worldwide!
  2. I’m currently reading THE SONG OF ACHILLES by Madeline Miller and it is GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. 
  3. Normal service will resume shortly 🙂

Links of interest

A quick link round up …

I recently read a proof copy of Goldy Moldavsky’s ‘Kill The Boy Band’. I’m not going to be reviewing it as I’m not sure that there’s anything constructive that I can add to the discussion (and please don’t think of that as a detrimental comment; this is a complex, challenging book with wildly brilliant moments). But in lieu of such a review, I will signpost this piece Kill the Fatphobia: Fat Girls in YA for it is a searing, painful piece of writing and the issues it raises are valid, glass-sharp things.

This piece on autism in young adult literature: I have autism and the lack of authentic autistic voices in books angers me is well worth a read as well. Whilst its main focus is on young adult / children’s literature, it shifts to discussing the cross-media representation of autism as well.

Walker Books are launching Walker Studio; an imprint that will publish “books for book-lovers”. I am very much behind such an endeavour.

And finally, I loved this. Not the most obvious link to include in a children’s literature blog, but it’s “the sort of thing you would usually associate with an Enid Blyton adventure”. Yes. Exactly. I love it.