About Me


My name is Daisy May Johnson and I’m the author of How To Be Brave and How To Be True. I am represented by Bryony Woods of DKW Literary Agency,

Things I love

In no particular order: public libraries, Burt Lancaster, Gene Kelly, dogs with Good Ears, Jenny Holzer, bookshops, old MGM musicals, massive dance numbers, Powell and Pressburger films, hairy ponies, Barbara Kruger, houseplants, the seaside, Playmobil, cake-stands, and crumbly fudge. Not the squishy sort, the crumbly sort. This distinction is V Important.

Things I believe in

Feminism, public libraries, the idea that children’s literature is a political act, Keala Settle singing This Is Me, girls, the force of nature that is a young bookworm, Amber Riley singing And I Am Telling You, Moomins, Eva Ibbotson, The Chalet School In Exile, going to the seaside, and also the importance of Having A Good Bun If You’re Feeling A Bit Sad.

Things I study

I am an academic who’s interested in the stories that young girls write and what that tells us about their experience of ‘being girl’ and girlhoods. My other interests include early twentieth century girl’s boarding school stories, innovative storytelling, and literary space and place. I’m always open to collaborations or freelance work in these areas!

You can find out more about what I’m doing on my research blog: Big Boots And Adventures.

Other Important Stuff

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