Book Review: The Tomorrow Code – Brian Falkner

The Tomorrow Code is a fairly solid environmental thriller based in New Zealand. Tane and Rebecca, two good friends, decipher messages sent to them from the future. Everything is about to go really rather horribly wrong – and they are the only people who know it.

The story was good up to the point when we learn what’s behind the threat. It flailed substantially at this point. I was reminded a little of Jurassic Park – pacy, interesting – and then dull as heck when it got to the science bit. Unfortunately this totally stymied The Tomorrow Code and I admit to scan-reading a fair few part of the chapters where we got the exposition.

It’s a very parochial book – the locations are resolutely New Zealand. We get street names and mentions of buildings in Auckland and around the country. I actually quite enjoyed this as I’ve been lucky enough to visit New Zealand (and would love to move there sometime soon!). I do imagine though that this could get a little draining and mean less to people who haven’t experienced the surroundings. You lose a little of the local colour if you don’t understand what the local colour is.

And, I’m sorry, but the ending about killed me. I hated it. I thought it undid everything good in the book. I won’t spoil it but if you’ve read it and agree (or don’t) I’d love your thoughts!

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