On the 8th December the hashtag #whyiread swept Twitter. For the uninitiated a hashtag is kind of like a classification system for posts that people put on Twitter. It allows a disparate group of people to post together under one heading.

And #whyiread blew my mind a little bit. The story of the hashtag is available here.

My contributions were …

#whyiread To live a thousand lives at once.

#whyiread Loo, Melaka, Jacynth Hardy crying in the garden, Ms Marvel, Gert, Veronica Weston + her arabesque in the wilds of Northumberland

Below are a few of my favourites …

@wholewidewords – Reading is an act of revolution. Whenever a group of people aren’t allowed to read, it’s because another group feels threatened. #WhyIRead

@A_Tusken_Raider – #WhyIRead, because telling a story wrong to the tribe, could result in death. #starwars #Fact


@revistaenie – #WhyIRead because sometimes when I read, I read something that changes the way I imagine the world (and I can never go back)


@amylibrarian – “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.” -Groucho Marx #whyIread


@erintgrace – Because the two dimensions of the page give life a third #whyIread


And also this:
@NewtWittier – Oprah suggested it #whyiread

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