Jacqueline Wilson to update Five Children and It?

According to this, Jacqueline (ignore the typo in the Tweet, it’s from the Grauniad) Wilson will be “updating” Five Children and It – the fabulous classic from E Nesbit. As I posted on Twitter, this news leaves me with very mixed feelings.

E Nesbit’s work sparks of a very particular vintage and is just lovely. It’s also brilliant.  Jacqueline Wilson’s work also sparks of a very particular vintage; grittier yes but no less “good”. She’s one of the defining writers of our time for a reason.

If it’s a “reboot” as opposed to an update, then yes, maybe, I could almost see something like that work. But an “update” suggests that it needs to be updated, that there’s an active demand for it to be updated, and that E Nesbit’s work isn’t accessible to the modern reader and that’s something I’d vehemently disagree with 😦

Fingers crossed this one works out.

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