The Traitor’s Gate : Sarah Silverwood

The Traitor’s Gate: The Nowhere Chronicles Book Two by Sarah Silverwood

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Traitor’s Gate is the sequel to The Double-Edged Sword which I first reviewed here and the second book in the Nowhere Chronicles by Sarah Silverwood.

Finmere Tingewick Smith is caught up in the events of his world – the Somewhere – and a world beyond our own – the Nowhere. He, and his friends, must fight to stop both worlds sinking into chaos. Worlds are falling. Chaos is rising. People are being manipulated into position. It’s time for Fin and his friends to face up to their destinies.

The Double-Edged Sword was the scene setting opening book in the series, the layer of trails, creator of worlds and builder of character. In a way, The Double-Edged Sword was the Shire of the series and The Traitor’s Gate is the Helm’s Deep. All the work done in The Double-Edged Sword is paid off spectacularly here and it doesn’t stop. The pacing issues of the previous book are gone and this is just solid, constantly evolving striations of action and intensity.

I really really couldn’t put this down. There were no princesses born accidentally as orphans. No latent magical powers. No massively awkward seen-it-all-before fantasy stock characters. Just strong, well-drawn characters who fight for something they believe in because it’s the right thing to do. And I loved it. I loved the fact we have brilliant and brave male characters (this is a massively boy friendly book) and I loved the fact that we have women who aren’t just briefly drawn love interests, they’re brilliant characters in their own right(Mona. Awesome Mona).

And then there’s Christopher. His story alone is worthy of five stars. I loved Christopher. I really really loved Christopher.

There are moments when this book genuinely stands amongst the greats of fantasy fiction. I read a lot of YA fiction and I am a mean reader. I’ve abandoned books because I didn’t like the font. The Traitor’s Gate wouldn’t let me go. It left me thinking of Lord of the Rings, of the Chronicles of Narnia and that’s a very rare feeling indeed. The Traitor’s Gate is big, bold and brilliant storytelling and I will be thrilled to see how it ends.

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3 thoughts on “The Traitor’s Gate : Sarah Silverwood

  1. Can you tell me at the end of The Traitors Gate it says there is a final book The Knights to Nowhere trilogy. I can not find anygthing about this book. Was it written???

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