Fury : Elizabeth Miles

Fury (Fury Trilogy 1)Fury by Elizabeth Miles

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There’s some strange and awful goings on in Ascension. People keeping secrets. Lots and lots of secrets. And sometimes secrets get out whether you want them to or not. And sometimes people get hurt…

Perhaps it’s just a reaction of reading too many YA paranomal / fantasy bks where the hero/ heroine is all Geeky Yet Secretly Sexy and Misunderstood But Worthy Of Better Things but I devoured Fury. It intrigued me. It’s almost an anti-genre novel; it rampantly ignores the (perhaps too) dominant pattern of sexy girl meet sexy boy/vampire, sexy girl and sexy boy/vampire get it on, sexy couple remain sexy couply til the end of the book and remain All Sorts Of Sexy in the inevitable series which follows.

It also hits a little too close to home sometimes with the topics it covers but that’s not a reason to dislike the book. I’d rather people read books like this and use the experience of reading them to reflect on their own behaviours. Read it self reflectively. I mean, I’ve read A Clockwork Orange but at no point did (or do) I wish to go and attack somebody in the street. Books throw up a mirror to society and allow us to think about what we do and why we do it. Fury made me squirm uncomfortably during some of the more intense moments and that’s a mark of the impact of the text.

I did like it. I liked it a lot. The prologue itself is excellent, a definition of how to hook a reader. There are a few moments when the writing goes off the boil but I’ll let that slide. What I can say is that this kept me reading. I was loath to pick it up at first but when I did I couldn’t let it go. It’s not the highest piece of literature but what it is is a curiously atypical YA paranormal / fantasy (pafa?) that’s well worth a detour.

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