Rediscovering writing

In the halcyon post MA days, I’ve been able to devote a lot of times to my own personal writing. It’s been very weird to come back to it as it’s been on the backburner for a fair few months as the shift between academic and creative proved too difficult to manage. Trust me you don’t want to discover a high-faluting conjoined adjective in the middle of some elaborate in depth discussion on the affect of speech tags on character construction.

So now I creep back to it; it’s tentative, nervous work as I push words together and feel out the connections until they click and work together. I’m rediscovering a lot of things. How much I love circling a story, touching at the edges of it with a sentence or two before finding the one that breaks through the circle and connects with what I want to say.

And I’m rediscovering how much I adore collective nouns. HOW AMAZING ARE THESE? The precision and the genuine beauty of language continually blows my mind.

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