Amanda Waller : before & after

My second post in my series of graphic novel related issues makes me sad. I’ve spoken before about my confusion over how women are represented in comics: Fat is a graphic issue and it’s something that I still have issues with. And Amanda Waller’s redesign (reboot? I’m genuinely not sure what to call it) has depressed me.

She’s gone from fat to farcical (L-R). And she’s also forgotten how to dress.

(image from here)

I want my niece to read comics which feature women of all shapes and sizes. I don’t want her to think that the only acceptable body shape is slim and big breasted. I want her to be able to meet characters like Gert from Runaways and think (as I did) that there’s a girl here who represents me. Right now, when I look at the above image, all I have is alienation.

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