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Almost True : Keren David

Almost True (When I Was Joe, #2)Almost True by Keren David

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

‘Almost True’ is the second story Keren David has written about Ty. Ty is a boy, an average boy, who was one day involved in a horrific event which came to change and define his life. David’s prose is solid, earthy and real. And it’s glorious.

I came to this book after reading a whole range of stories involving fairies, elves and vampires. I’d read ‘When I was Joe’ (the prequel) and found it a hugely readable and pacy novel. It sagged a little in the middle but that was easy to excuse as the sagging was at a higher height than many other similar books reached.

‘Almost True’ is a hugely worthy successor. Whilst there’s that necessary few pages of exposition, it’s handled well and sympathetically – and it’s accessible to the new reader. This story is the excellent definition of a second novel in a series; it stands strong and readable by itself, but when read with the prequel it gains a whole new weight and depth. ‘Almost True’ solidly justifies its presence.

It’s a cliché, I know, but I couldn’t put this down. From stirring a risotto with one hand and holding this with the other, I fell in love with this story all over again. Ty/Joe is one of those solid characters that’s just real. His story feels real. It feels plausible and it feels gritty and it feels, in those moments where Ty tries to be a ‘normal’ teen, intensely awkward and painful and sad.

I loved this. Keren David’s most definitely one to watch.

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