My hero : KM Peyton

I’ve banged on about the magnificence of KM Peyton before (I reviewed ‘Dear Fred’ here, and elaborated on my love for KM Peyton here) and I hope you don’t mind me doing it one more time.

There’s something rather gorgeous about this feature where Meg Rosoff professes her love for KM Peyton. I find it really rather interesting that Rosoff, one of those authors who writes with a pin-sharp clarity, finds KM Peyton such an inspiration. Like flocks to like it seems.

Peyton is one of the authors who never seems to get the acknowledgement she deserves. As I mentioned on Twitter, KM Peyton is an education. You read her books and you just bow and scrape and hope that one day you’ll be able to approach half of her skill.


2 thoughts on “My hero : KM Peyton

  1. Ah, what a lovely blog. And now I’ve gone on to your earlier ones too. If you live in London, email me immediately — we’re having a party for Kathy tomorrow night and you should obviously have been invited!

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