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This is a very swift round-up of a couple of posts / items which caught my eye this week and that I thought were worthwhile sharing.

Though it’s from a primarily American perspective, this report on teaching young children in a digital age is fascinating (*nerdface*). The more I look at this sort of stuff, and the more I see my nephews and niece spin lightyears ahead of the rest of us digitally, the more I think we’re missing a trick if we don’t attempt to engage young readers on a digital level. My view of reading / literacy is very simple. I don’t care where they are, or what they’re reading (MSN, emails, comics, MMORPGS whatever), I care that they’re reading and I feel we should be right there with them.

There’s been a ridiculously interesting online conference going on which discussed pretty much everything and anything remotely connected with libraries 2.0. Specifically from a children’s literature perspective Pottermore and school libraries: multiliteracies at work caught my eye. Although I’m still lurking around the edges of Pottermore (wasn’t it meant to be open by now?) this is another madly intriguing area and I think the ramifications of Pottermore on both the publishing industry and teachers of literacy will ultimately be really rather substantial. And if you’re a bit blank on the concept of multiliteracy / transliteracy, head here for an excellent blog which elaborates on it in amazing detail.

And finally this – primarily because of the write up it gave Charlotte’s Web … (!)

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