Boom! : Mark Haddon

Boom!Boom! by Mark Haddon

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Mark Haddon is good. He’s very good. Just not that good here.

This is the story of two schoolboys who discover that aliens are real. And they actually know some of them.

It’s a weird little book if I’m honest. There are some absolutely lovely moments with the dad but as he is a supporting character and this isn’t his story, these moments are few and far between. And then there’s some really snappy lines of dialogue and then there’s page after page of flatness. It feels rather old-fashioned and a little bit archaic.

When held up in comparison to something like Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce, Boom! just doesn’t bat at the same level. I love Boyce. I could fight for the brilliance of his books until the cows come home. I had to google Boom! to remind myself what goes on …

What is unquestionably beautiful about Boom! is the design. Seriously whoever packaged this book deserves a gold star and a Blue Peter badge. It looks gorgeous and that, coupled with the name of the author, will get this book a substantial audience. I just wonder how much people will remember after they finish it.

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