The Declaration : Gemma Malley

The Declaration (The Declaration Series, #1)The Declaration by Gemma Malley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reading like a dystopian hybrid of “Torchwood : Miracle Day” and “Annie”, the Declaration is solidly brilliant storytelling. It tells the story of Surplus Anna who was born. And that’s her crime right there. She shouldn’t have been. Her parents acted against ‘The Declaration’ – an edict prohibiting childbirth – and as a result, Anna has lived her life in the darkest of places, spending her every day atoning for her parent’s sins.

This feels really. Awfully real and awfully likely and that’s thrilling to read. I’ve been longing for a book like this that doesn’t throw awkwardly disguised analogies at the reader and spoon feed them through the narrative.

It reminded me of the first time I saw the Alfonso Cuaron film ‘Children of Men’. I finished watching that film and I wanted to start all over again. Everything *looked* alright on the surface but, when you get down to it, things really weren’t. And that’s the mark (for me) of a good dystopian novel – it has to make you look twice at the things you accept are irrevocable reality.

And The Declaration delivers on pretty much every account.

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