Super Animal Adventure Squad : James Turner


My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another title from the DFC Library of comic books, Super Animal Adventure Squad is kinda fab. It’s a collection of two separate stories, originally published in serial format, and now gathered together in one edition. Pleasingly the serial format is maintained in both stories so they’re still readable in bite size chunks which would both appeal and help to the nervous / unsure readers.

Written by James Turner, Super Animal Adventure Squad is quite a sophisticated book. There’s some quite witty wordplay in it (famous TV chef “Gor-Donram-Sey” and King of the Chefs “Emess-Ji” anybody?). I really liked the self-awareness of the story at times and the sly winks to the reader. There’s one panel, for example, with a security guard who comments innocently, “Well it looks like another quiet night with absolutely no unexpected occurences whatsoever”. Naturally hijinks instantly occur.

Structurally and aesthetically, there’s a nice level of clarity and consistency to the artwork. The characters remains consistently drawn throughout and they have a blunt saturated dynamism to them that’s very attractive to the reader.

It’s a bright, funny book that I can see appealing massively to young male readers in particular. Nice work Super Animal Adventure Squad!

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