The Girls’ Own Blog Carnival: First round up

I am so pleased to be able to share with you two early submissions for the Girls’ Own Blog Carnival on Elinor M. Brent-Dyer.  I will do another sweep of posts tomorrow (1st April) and post an update then. For now, please enjoy these amazing posts on Brent-Dyer and do leave a comment!

Bert of Make and Bake With Bert posts a gorgeous post on Chalet School holidays – focusing specifically on the location of Bosherston Lily Ponds. I adore this post; it’s amazing to actually see where Carola rescued Signa with the aid of Handy Local Doctor (a Chalet School trademark) and it’s also lovely to see how accurate Brent-Dyer was in describing an area.

Bert also made these gorgeous banners and images which I can’t help but fawn over each and every time I see them!

My second post that I’m so pleased to be able to share with you is from Ali at Fantastic Reads. She’s written a guest post before for me on the similarities between Eustacia and Eustace and I was thrilled to see another piece from her for the GO Blog Carnival. Her review of The New Mistress at the Chalet School is a beautiful discussion of the only book in the Chalet School series written from the new teachers’ perspective.

If either of these posts or the lovely banners have inspired you  – it’s not too late to get involved! 🙂 Further info on the Carnival available here or tweet me.

2 thoughts on “The Girls’ Own Blog Carnival: First round up

  1. I love Bert’s post. Bret-Dyer really did do her research. My parents went to the Oberammergau passion play a few years ago. My mum could gleefully recount all the parts she recognised from the description in the Chalet School books.

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