The Chalet School : If There’s A Mountain, We’ll Try To Jump Off It

I wondered once,  somewhat facetiously, how much the insurance premiums would be for the Chalet School. There are very few titles in the series that don’t have some sort of life-threatening incident. It’s one of the hallmarks of the Chalet School for me, that sort of insouciant disregard for Common Sense and staff members with the sudden ability to backflip from speedboat to speedboat. If you add to that Grizel’s predisposition for trying to kill Len, we have ourselves one hell of a series that shifts from the melodrama to gritty socio-political commentary with barely a pause.

So I decided to infographic some of my more favourite incidents. I’m a little bit obsessed with infographics at the moment (I am teaching myself how to make them for work as I think there’s a lot of potential in them for library purposes) and I thought I’d practice with some for the blog. The below were all done via

I will have missed some of the accidents (and must acknowledge my massive debt to this awesome list) but I do hope you enjoy what are, quite certainly, the first ever Chalet School infographics. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go off and infographic what happens to all the Minettes.

4 thoughts on “The Chalet School : If There’s A Mountain, We’ll Try To Jump Off It

  1. I loved the dramas of near death experiences – I remember playing at being Joey in Rivals when I was about eight…

    I’ve never come across infographs before, I wonder whether something about the number of pupils who had lost parents would work.

    1. Oh I love that image! An infographic is meant to be a pictorial representations of statistical data and I could so very much see a % of CS Pupils Without Parentage working well. 🙂

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