Three amazing pop ups

I love Pop Up Books. I really do. And these from Jenny Chen possess an almost ineffable beauty. The image below is from Colossal, a blog which is stuffed full of visual inspiration on a daily basis. I gather from the blog post that these are mock-ups and if the mock-ups are this beautiful, then I can’t help but think that the book itself will be superb.

Image from

Other favourite pop up books of mine at the moment include this yummy title by Marion Bataille. ABC3D is luscious and I love the fluidity through the entire book.  It’s so brilliantly tactile it makes me drool with longing.

On a comics book theme, this from DC Comics is a few years old now but I’m very much marvelling (badumtish) at the construction behind it. This Wonder Woman spread is superb and I love how all the elements on this page combine to reinforce our impression of the character: 

4 thoughts on “Three amazing pop ups

  1. I also love pop up books and have quite a nice collection, but I love the alphabet book and the DC book you show here and will have to look for them to add to my others.

    1. I’d actually be really interested if you have any specifically historical pop up books? I remember having a glorious middle ages pop up which was just lovely – had elaborate castle breakdowns and everything. It’s on Amazon but it’s massively expensive at the moment.

      1. The only ones I have that could be called historical pop up books are Castles and one called In the Beginning, which is the story of Genesis. I know there are others but can’t think of their names. If I do, I will let you know.

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