The Alice-Miranda Books

Back in April / May, I had the utmost pleasure to review the first two books in the Alice-Miranda series. These books by Australian author Jacqueline Harvey are very lovely stories all about the eponymous Alice-Miranda and her adventures.

In the review of the second book, I mentioned that I planned to pass these on to a daughter of a friend of mine. She’s already exhausted St Claire’s and Malory Towers so I couldn’t imagine a better home for the first two Alice-Miranda books.

And here’s what she thought (plus a little post-script from her Mum!)

“Dear Jacqueline  Harvey, your Alice-Miranda books are great! It was so exciting when Auntie Gee got kidnapped in Alice Miranda on Holiday.  I was also  curious to know why Miss Grimm was so angry and never came out of her office in Alice-Miranda at School.  From Daisy P aged 7”

Mum – She can’t wait for the next one!!

Thanks Daisy P! It’s another thumbs up for Alice-Miranda! 😀

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