Guardian Angel : Robert Muchamore

Guardian Angel (Aramov, #2)Guardian Angel by Robert Muchamore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really, really like Robert Muchamore. And I really like the Cherub series. And I really like the Henderson’s Boys series.

I Am A Fan Of Robert Muchamore. I love how he writes so swiftly and surely and never quite forgets to keep the reader hooked. These are competent stylishly written books and they are GOOD.

So you may gather that I was pretty excited to receive a copy of this from the publisher. Guardian Angel is part of the second wave of Cherub books. The first series focused on James and Lauren Adams and their gang of fellow Cherub agents. The books were fairly self-contained but had recurring characters in them. You could read one, miss one and quite happily pick up the one after that without missing too much. (But you went back, you always went back, you grabbed the one you missed, because you knew you missed something good for such is the way of the Muchamore).

The second wave of Cherub books is a little different. It still focuses on a recurring cast of agents but this time Ryan Sharma and his friend Fu Ning are our central focus. It’s Cherub : The Next Generation if you will. This series of books, kicking off with People’s Republic, all sort of focus on the same mission.


Krygyzstan to be precise. The home of the Amarov Clan, criminal masterminds, and now, following the events of People’s Republic, (potential spoiler alert) the home of Ethan Kitsell.

And things don’t look good for Ethan right now.

Guardian Angel is the second book in a series more closely connected than the original Cherubs. Inevitably you naturally need a little bit of exposition in order to get you up to speed. This is well handled and, to be frank, made me just want to go read the first.

What I love about Muchamore is how he pairs awful violence (he makes no bones about the fact that there are people in this world who are hideous beings) with some very beautiful moments. There’s a point, and it’s quite close to the end, when we discover who the eponymous Guardian Angel is and it’s lovely. I got quite emotional over it.

This book is fast, hard and punchy (both literally and metaphorically). If you’ve not discovered the Cherub series, you’re in for a treat. Guardian Angel provides both the nail-biting and the funny, all in equal spades.

I think I’m hooked. Again.

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One thought on “Guardian Angel : Robert Muchamore

  1. I also like Robert Muchamre’s books, though I am partial to the Henderson’s Boys series. Nice review if Guardian Angel.

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