Photo credit: D Sharon Pruitt (Flickr)

It’s my birthday! And it’s also my blog birthday in about two and a half weeks!

So, officially, I’d like to invite *you* to the beginning of my birthday themed posts over the next week or so. We’ll be covering things ranging from the perfect schoolgirl birthday party (clue: there’s lots of food, and if you’re a ‘bad’ girl, it’s all followed by a dose of tummy trouble and a healthy serving of repentance), my favourite birthday parties in children’s literature, perhaps a dose or two of my favourite birthday fanfics, and quite probably a trip to Matron to recover from the festivities. We’ll stop off at some amazing book birthday cake recipes, explore the wondrousness of book themed birthday food and perhaps get a bit giddy on Etsy when the sugar highs kick in and point and flail at something amazing and book related.

Enjoy the festivities!

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