Unrest : Michelle Harrison

UnrestUnrest by Michelle Harrison

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Elliott doesn’t sleep well. He doesn’t really sleep at all. He has out of body experiences and suffers from intermittent sleep paralysis. For Elliott, the things that go bump in the night really do go bump in the night. He sees ghosts, figures and things that are genuinely terrifying.

He gets a job at a local haunted museum. It’s one of those historical re-enactment places where the staff dress up in period costume. Whilst working there Elliott decides to discover the truth about his experiences. Is he really part of the spirit world now or is it all in his head?

Unrest is a genuinely unnerving novel. Harrison really ratchets up the unease and discomfort and produces a book which is full of chills. The whole ‘ghost’ angle is powerfully presented and it’s one of those books which you really shouldn’t read in the middle of the night with the wind howling outside. ‘Cause, trust me, you’ll get freaked.

Where this book suffers is with regards to structure. I felt it was hugely unbalanced and almost felt like a composite book at some points. There were a few too many moments where I felt invested in a plot point or development which was then dropped in a fairly rapid fashion. It felt as if there were points when Unrest became a little lost and didn’t quite know whether it wanted to be romance, horror, paranormal or angst. The last few chapters, whilst intensely thrilling and disturbing in equal measure, felt almost as if they were from another book.

Despite these structural issues, Unrest remains a distinctly unnerving and spooky book. The last few chapters are stunning and scary and disturbing and a tour de force in paranomal horror.

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