Stitch Head : Guy Bass

Stitch HeadStitch Head by Guy Bass

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A darkly humorous and witty exploration of the adage “Don’t judge people by their appearances”; Stitch Head is a gem of a book.

Perfect for the under tens, and to honest those over it as well, it’s a sharply observed story that flips cliche and stereotype on its head. The eponymous Stitch Head is the first creation of the mad professor of Castle Grotteskew. The professor made Stitch Head (the cutest monster ever!) and continued to make monsters who all woke up full of rage. Think Frankenstein meets Morcambe and Wise meets Mel Brooks and you’re pretty much there. Stitch Head sets himself the task of saving the professor’s new creations from madness and eating of the local villagers. It’s a sad lonely life for the forgotten Stitch Head until two things happen: the professor creates “THE CREATURE” and a local freakshow comes to town – looking for new freaks.

Great things come in small packages and that’s both true for this book and Stitch Head himself. He’s a beautiful character, shy and retiring but brave and courageous when needs be. I loved him and I was really invested in his journey. This is such an empowering book. The forgotten, and the monstrous, and the weird are those who actually have the most heart and noble(st) of souls. I LOVED THIS. I’m just gutted it took me so long to get to it! Make sure it doesn’t take you as long as I did 🙂

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