Killing Honour : Bali Rai

Killing Honour
by Bali Rai

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There’s a stomach-churning addictiveness to this book that speaks well of Rai’s skill. He handles several different narrative, separated by time and point of view, and weaves them together to create a deeply visceral book.

Sat’s sister Jas has gone missing after being married off into another family. She’d been distant and quiet but Sat doesn’t think anything of it until she disappears. Jas’ husband tells Sat and his family that she’s been having an affair and has disappeared to be with the other man. Sat’s family disown Jas on count of her having brought shame to the family. But there’s something discomforting Sat about the whole story and he’s determined to find out the truth.

Rai is a competent writer, strong in his awareness of how people and their beliefs can manipulate and be manipulated. He draws a compelling vortex of emotion, pulling the net tighter and tighter around Sat until it’s almost unbearable to read.

One of the viewpoints in this story is particularly compelling. Written from an unnamed third person point of view, it tells a story that would be untold any other way. It’s a disturbing and dark counterpoint to the ‘main’ story and one that gives it a terrifyingly real depth. This is a dark, compelling and very very good book.

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