Going Home : KM Peyton

Going Home by K.M. Peyton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One of the things I love in my bookish world is when I discover a KM Peyton book I’ve not read. She’s my book Yoda and one of the writers that I utterly utterly adore.

Going Home almost escaped me. It’s a tiny book of just over 100 pages and was tucked right at the bottom of the shelves. I almost missed it but when I read the title, realised I hadn’t read it, I practically screamed with joy.

Originally published in 1982 (it’s as old as me!), Milly and Micky are sent away on holiday to France as their mother has to go to hospital. The holiday with their Aunt and Uncle on a cramped narrowboat in France proves less than enjoyable, and Milly and Micky come to the decision that they’re going home.

There’s not much here and it’s a sort of unusual read. It’s fragmentary, and reads rather like Peyton was trying something new and testing the water for something bigger. But it’s still brilliant because even in these short few pages, Peyton demonstrates her masterly insight of people. Milly is something very beautiful, understated (as ever in a Peyton book), but written with shadow and light and a genuine warmth.

It’s a brief read but hugely comforting. I always think with a KM Peyton book that we should be singing them from the skies and I await the day when her work is republished and mandatory for anyone who’s remotely interested in children’s literature and writing.

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