The trouble with trilogies

The trouble with tribbles trilogies is this. They’re hard. Want to know why?

The Trouble With Tribbles
The Trouble With Tribbles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*puts on provocative hat*

Because they, as a rule, lack tension.

The form of a trilogy is, we accept, a fairly fixed thing. Book One, Book Two, Book Three. Something happens in book one, it continues to book two, and the entire quest is resolved in book three.

That’s a lot of space to fill. Sometimes it works, when we pull others into the quest and build our worlds and then kill them off at Pelennor Fields (*sobs*), and sometimes it doesn’t.

Because sometimes, you can throw an alligator at your hero, a freaking entire alligator, and the hero can survive because they are the driving force of the book and without them there is no book three.

I want tension. I want unexpected twists. I want a trilogy that goes all meta, pulls a Tristram Shandy and throws the rules out of the window. I want a book that makes the reader sit up and check that that really just happened.

I think I want my protagonist to die. I think I want people to realise not everything in this world is so bloody neat. I think I want hard, plain, truth. I want to love, I want to lose, and I want to love again.  I want to fall and I want to get back up again. I want to feel.

I want a trilogy that writes its own rules.

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