Wonder : RJ Palacio

WonderWonder by R.J. Palacio

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m known to my friends and family and colleagues as having a bit of an interest in children’s literature (I know, that’s a surprise right?) They come to me for reccomendations for their brownie groups, their kids – and sometimes they come to me and say “Have you heard anything about this book?”

Now the latter option isn’t one that happens that often. It requires a book to have ‘escaped’, to have gone wild in the world and to be picked up and loved by many many advocates of its wonder.

And that’s what happened here. “Have you heard about Wonder? It sounds right up your street?”

I had. I’m always a bit reluctant to read the books that go stratospheric so swiftly – call it Richard and Judy Bookclub syndrome if you will (“Why isn’t there a copy of this in the library?” “Because 3039394 other people have been in today requesting it before you”). It all means that when I get to the book, I have to read it in a secret, safe manner, Golluming it up in a dark corner whilst muttering “My precious”.

Wonder was one of those books that made me want that moment to never end. Over too soon, it left me breathless, wide-eyed and more than a little teary.

Wonder is precious. It’s full of wonder. It’s a very graceful, elegant title, openly allegorical at points and intensely funny at others. If you’ve not heard the synopsis by now, I don’t think I’m going to tell you. You should experience this book unfolding on you and opening a world of love on you.

I like Wonder. I like it a lot. There’s funny, believable characters. There’s some excellent boys in it, awkward, mean, brave and foolish boys that feel all too rare in books. And there’s Olivia. Via. I love her.

Read this book. Please. It’s very, very good and I think it may become epochal.

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