A literary wander around Oxford

I have just realised I never blogged about my trip up to Oxford last Monday! And I did Literary Things Which I Would Recommend!

So, with apologies, here is a belated tribute to one of my new favourite places.

We went to the Bodleian Library (which is GLORY) and went to the “Magical Books” exhibition. It’s a small, but kind of wonderful exhibition – and I think anything would be wonderful with the quality of the items they’re exhibiting and the place they’re showing them in. Original manuscripts by Alan Garner,  CS Lewis, Alan Garner and Phillip Pullman AND original Tolkien drawings AND a replica alethiometer AND that annotated copy of Harry Potter that recently sold for a zillion squid AND a recording of Susan Cooper being the Spooky Queen of Spooky reciting a section made of her book AND one of the (ridiculously unnerving) Owl plates which inspired Alan Garner’s The Owl Service AND lots more…

Basically it’s like Christmas for fans of children’s literature and it’s the sort of place that made me go all pawy at the cases and a little bit emotional at the genuine wonder that’s been created through the scratch of a pen in a room a long time ago.

The other bit about Oxford that appeals (hugely) to me is The Story Museum. I’ve never been able to get there when it’s open (yet), but have stood drooling outside its doors at the sheer loveliness of it. Anywhere that displays a copy of “Alethiometer Reading For Dummies” has me even when the doors are locked and bolted.

Here’s some photos!

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6 thoughts on “A literary wander around Oxford

  1. Ooh. Didn’t know about the Magical Books exhibition -sounds amazing. Will try to see it over the summer. Lovely photos too!

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