Sunday Catch Up

Hello! It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’ve been in France (pain! boursin! beaucoup de bandes dessinees!) and so this is a slightly bigger catch up than usual for it covers two whole weeks. Two weeks! Anything could happen in two weeks! Kirrin Island could get over-run by pirates! Julian could stop being a know it all!

So what’s been happening in the world of children’s literature?

1. The great children’s literature academic and writer Perry Nodelman has released one of his essays online, and it’s a must for anyone who is interested in picture books. Nodelman’s one of the most approachable and interesting writers I know, and his work is always thought-provoking and revelatory. “On the border between Implication and Actuality : Children Inside and Outside of Picture Books” can be read here.

3. On the subject of picture books, here’s a list of positive representations of disabled children in picture books. It’s a comprehensive and lengthy list, worthy of checking out.

4. This list of resources on book banning is excellent – it includes lesson plans, discussion resources and more. There’s a particular children’s literature connection with the discussion on teaching a book where the author has a very specific personal mindset – the example given is that of Orson Scott Card and his YA novel ‘Ender’s Game’.

5. Though it’s an oldie, it’s still worthy of substantial note. One of the first ever children’s literature resources I discovered on the internet (and one that made me realise that the Chalet School was ‘okay’ to be thought of in Proper Tones) was Ju Gosling’s brilliant Virtual Worlds Of Girls. Go. Go browse!  It’s Dead Good!

6. Did you know this ‘ere blog is also on that there Facebook? It’s true, come and like it if Facebook is your thing!

7. There’s a new chair for the Chair of the Working Party for the CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Medals (and yes, I had to copy and paste that wording..!) . Good luck Joy! 😀

7. And finally, I think this might be the topic of the next #kidbkgrp … what do you reckon?

See you next week!  😉

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