Sunday Catch Up

Good morning! This is a scheduled post because I am no doubt still asleep recovering from the joys of seeing Mr Marvin Aday last night.  (:D) Anyway, enough of that – here’s the news from the children’s literature world this week.

1. @playbythebook posted about her trip to Orkney and mentioned Betty’s Reading Room. I can’t tell you how beautiful I found this; suffice to say, it made me cry. What an utterly lovely tribute. I hope to visit some day.

2. RL Stine has shared an awesome pack of resources. It covers how to get ideas, how to beat writers block and it’s all free (thank you RL Stine!). It can be downloaded here.

3. It was the very amazing E Nesbit’s birthday on August 15th. There was a lovely Google Doodle to celebrate and Hesperus Press posted the front cover of The Story Of The Treasure Seekers which they’re republishing in September! Hurrah!

4. Though “You can do anything : must every kid movie reinforce the cult of self-esteem?” relates to kids’ movies, it has some fascinating thoughts on the nature of story and storying. Try reading ‘book’ every time they mention movie.

5. The Guardian children’s fiction prize shortlist revealed an exciting US-UK split as “two American authors battle it out with two UK authors” 

6. And finally, the trailer for How I Live Now is out. It’s the film of the Meg Rosoff novel. And it looks really, really good.

If you’d like to view other posts in this series, they’re available here. See you next week!

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