Favourites in children’s literature #kidbkgrp

12th September saw a super speedy #kidbkgrp chat happen. It was precipitated by my finishing A Countess Below Stairs by Eva Ibbotson and remembering just how much I loved her. You know that feeling, right? The one where you come back to your favourite author – or book – and feel like you’ve finally come home? That buttery toasted crumpets on an open fire dog on your feet cat on your lap sort of feeling? That’s the one. That’s the exact one.

So we talked about what our favourite books were and why we liked them and as ever a massive amount of titles were suggested (which is something I love and send virtual high fives to all of those who gave them).  Here’s the storify and here’s a link to the previous chats.

See you at the next chat! 😀

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