Have I told you about how much I love doing the #kidbkgrp chats? I do. They’re ace. Have a look at them. I love being able to share amazing titles and chat with people about topics that are very close to my heart.

But I wanted to ask you a few questions to help me plan the future sessions…

  • Would you like them regular as opposed to ad-hoc? Say the first Sunday of every month or something?
  • Would you like to submit topics? Or have a topic calendar? Or are you cool with ‘official’ topics being chosen?
  • Have you wanted to join in but been freaked out? (And if you have, oh god, I love you and I want you to join in the next one and I’ll virtually hold your hand all the way through it because you’re awesome and I want to hear what you have to say).
  • Is there something you desperately want us to chat about? If so, what?

comment / tweet /email me ? Thank you!

9 thoughts on “#kidbkgrp

  1. A regular slot is helpful, tho not necessarily every week. 9-10pm is generally a good time for me.
    I like a set topic, and it’s helpful to know them in advance so I can think about them.
    I like more unusual topics rather than very generalised ones.
    Thanks for this – I love #kidbkgrp!

  2. I agree with Zoe about a regular slot although if it’s always on the same day at the same time people who can’t make that won’t be able to join in live. I like topics but not a calendar – can be limiting and be boring if you know too much in advance. Knowing well advance does give you time to think but sometimes immediate gut responses are very interesting too. I’ve liked the topics you’ve selected so far although picking favourites – ha!

  3. Agreeing with Zoe too. I think 9-10 is the perfect time slot because it’s post-kids grown up time.
    I like that you post the topic in advance so we have time to read the article/have a ponder/look up that book that really fits but what was the title oh damn it’s on the tip of my tongue. Also agree that too in advance loses a bit of the immediate thoughts and the upfront passion.
    I love your last minute ones too, though. I love the spontaneity of reading something and saying, ‘ guys I really want to chat about this, who’s around tonight?’ So I guess a mix works for me.
    So far I think the topics have been great, inspiring, engaging, thought provoking.
    Basically, keep it up, I LOVE it!

  4. Agree with earlier commenters re. 9-10 (I’m in your timezone now, look!) unless anyone says that’s always going to be really inconvenient to them. I’ve often followed the conversations without joining in, but will make an effort to now.

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