#kidbkgrp update – Oct/Nov/Dec dates and topics!

So, as promised, plans! Schedule type plans! Here’s the #kidbkgrp schedule for the rest of the year. Topic wise I’m really interested about all of them, but I’m very happy to be able to bring you some resident experts for the comics one. And for that one, I really want people who don’t think about or don’t like comics to join in – what puts you off? Is it the image or the titles or – something else? Tell me and our resident experts!

For those of you who haven’t joined a #kidbkgrp (nb: singular kid, singular book) chat, they are gatherings on Twitter where we talk about children’s and YA books. The topic headings are a guide and all you have to do to join in is use the hashtag. Which is nice, right? But as ever if you need a helping hand through it, let me know!

I’d appreciate you sharing this far and wide 😉 Thanks! See you on the 10th 😀

Date Time Topic
Thurs 10th Oct 9pm Darkness Should children’s literature feature dark/graphic content? Is this something to be scared of or celebrated? And what’s our role as gatekeepers – how do we mediate / control this content – and should we even try?
Thurs 14th Nov 9pm Comics clinic Share your comics woes and joys; with resident comics experts to give you title recs / advice.
Thurs 12th Dec 9pm School stories What’s your favourite school story? How has the school story changed? Does the school story still bear relevance to modern children’s literature?

4 thoughts on “#kidbkgrp update – Oct/Nov/Dec dates and topics!

  1. It’s great having the dates so far in advance – I’m really looking forward to the chats (especially the comics one as I know nothing about them so am very keen to learn!) and will definitely share this post around 🙂
    P.S. I’ve also been loving your own work that you’ve been publishing recently. I keep meaning to comment and then I never get around to it, which is rubbish of me, but please know that I think your stories are ace and can’t wait to read more!

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