Kentucky Thriller : Lauren St John

Kentucky ThrillerKentucky Thriller by Lauren St. John

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So before we do this, I think you need to have a look at my review of the preceding titles in this series. Here’s what I thought of Dead Man’s Cover and here’s what I thought of Kidnap in the Carribean. Suffice to say those reviews will give you context for what’s about to occur.

And if you didn’t click on them, this will give you even more context. There are not many books that make me go “YES!” when I discover them at my library. Kentucky Thriller is one of them. Reader, I fistpumped.

The third in the series of Laura Marlin Mysteries, Kentucky Thriller is centred around racehorses and two in particular – the big, bold stallion ‘Gold Rush’ and his talented son ‘Noble Warrior’. It’s through a variety of circumstances involving Gold Rush that Laura and her best friend Tariq are invited to Kentucky to help his son win the Kentucky Derby. But there’s problems aftoot and mysterious abounding on Fleet Farm and it looks like those problems may cost everyone dearly.

I love these books. I practically cancelled my weekend to read it. In Kentucky Thriller, we have a book which is full of joy. Laura and Tariq’s trip to America is so reminiscent of Dora from Follyfoot’s trip to meet Earl Blankenheimer that I practically curled over with happiness. More of this sort of thing please world, lots more.

I can’t tell you how much I loved St John’s ability with this book. Her sense of place is outstanding, whether it’s the palatial surroundings that the racehorses enjoy or the equally palatial breakfasts served to Tariq and Laura. Coupled with that, we have her Black Stallion moments during the racecourse, Laura going full Nancy Drew when it counts, a terrifying Haunted House, Tariq pulling his inner Horse Whisperer out of the bag and drama of the drama-est kind! Did you ever come across the Wonder series by Joanna Chapman? Kentucky Thriller is the Wonder books meets Nancy Drew meets Buffy.

God I love these books. I love Laura. I love how much she takes pride in her skills and is proud of her friends. I love that she’s taken seriously, you know, that her talent of mystery-solving is very much that – a talent. I love how she’s strong and yet fallible. I love how she loves her friends and Skye, her dog.

I love that there’s books in the world that exist like this, that mix peril and bravery and friendship up with horses and produce something of this quality.

I love these books so much.

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