Exciting Times

It’s been a bit of an exciting few months at DYESTTAFTSA Towers.

Exciting is the right word. Exciting.

I am now in a different stage of my writing, one that has me Out and Public with it. That’s exciting. It’s something I’ve been working towards for a long time. It’s something that I’ve wanted for a long time. So that’s, well, to understate it spectacularly, pleasing. But what’s been more exciting than that is the chance to work with people who make stories happen.

When I’ve written before,  I’ve written whatever it has been because whatever it has been has needed to be written. And it needed to happen in the shape that it needs to happen in, be that poem, prose, or tight-cramped diary entry on the smallest of pages. Sometimes writing sort things out for me in a way that speaking never can.

But now, my writing has shifted upwards. I’m learning a whole new skill. I’m learning how to write a book. That’s exciting. It’s a whole new skill – but more than that, what I’m realising already, is that it’s a team effort. I’m working with people now who see what this story is, who see what it could be. That thrills me to pieces so much. The way that there are people who are invested in making this happen and making it be seen, be heard, be felt. There’s that word in my head again. Exciting. It’s so exciting. All of it.

The other thing that’s exciting is that I’m getting to see behind the magic curtain as it were. I’ve chatted with people and visited places and I’ve been left in a sort of place of joyous faith in what’s going on in the way of children’s literature. There are amazing people out there doing amazing things.

And lord, I know it’s repetitive, but my word it’s exciting. We’re living in exciting times, and I can’t wait to share more of this journey with you.


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