How Children’s Literature Ruined My Life


This is a picture of the sky. It is very lovely. It bears very little relation to what I’m about to tell you but, I feel, it’s time to tell the truth. And so I start with a sweetener. The beauty. The glory. The light that stretches down to your fingertips. The joy of the infinite sunset.

And now the sadness. 

It is time, my friends, to confess something to you. A sordid truth. My hidden shame.

Children’s Literature has ruined my life.

Every day, I’m shuffling suffering from at least one of the following:

(You know what? I’m in love that I could carry on this list forever. God I love books. My life without them would not be the same. They have made me what and who I am.

And I would not have it any other way 🙂 ) 


2 thoughts on “How Children’s Literature Ruined My Life

  1. Where are my pop biscuits and toffee shocks? Where is my Faraway Tree and the trees that say Wisha Wisha? (Actually, the trees have always said that, ever since I read Enid Blyton.)

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